Our aim is to teach the children socially acceptable behaviour and to discourage them from inappropriate actions. We believe that children should be polite, considerate and respectful of others and their property. In order to achieve this, our policy is to constantly support good behaviour with praise.


In instances where a child has been misbehaving they are firstly given a time out period. This is where the child sits next to a member of staff for a short time, to discuss the possible implications of their actions.

In the event a child continually misbehaves, they may be removed from the current activity. We will always advise you if it was necessary to remove your child from an activity due to inappropriate behaviour. However, in practice, it is extremely rare that we have to call a parent to discuss their child's behaviour.


It is quite common for children to go through a stage in their development when tantrums occur. We respond to tantrums in the following way:

  • Distraction from the cause.

  • Remove the child from the situation, put the child in a safe place under supervision, and wait until he or she has calmed down.

  • Finally we talk through the problem with the child.

Please talk to your child's Key Worker at any time should you wish to discuss your child's behaviour, whether at the nursery or at home. All staff are professionals and may be able to give some valuable advice.