Business / Finance Related Question

How are fees calculated?

Fees are calculated daily. Therefore each month’s bill will be potentially different depending on the number of days your child attends in that month.


How do I pay my childcare fees?

There are different payment methods. We require all fees to be paid before the start of the month in which they apply. Normally you will pay by debit card on the last working day of the month for the month ahead


Can I pay using childcare vouchers?

We accept most childcare vouchers, please note all vouchers must have your child's unique reference number on them or they will remain unallocated to your account. Vouchers are part of your monthly fees and must be received by the 1st of the month or will be subject to a late payment charge. We are currently registered with a number of different voucher companies but can easily register with any new companies if required. Vouchers should be received before we take your debit card payment if you wish them to be credited for the following month.


Can I pay using the Tax- Free childcare scheme?

The government has decided that National Savings and Investment (NS&I) will be the scheme’s account provider, working in partnership with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Toybox is registered with NS&I to accept this credit.


What is your registration number and awarding body for tax credit information?

Ofsted are our awarding body, please see our inspection reports on the website for the registration number.


Why take a deposit as you ask for fees upfront?

The deposit is part of our overall strategy to ensure fees cover our costs and are not increased to cover bad debt. By taking monies in advance we limit the risk of debt. The deposit helps further but by no means covers two months of fees which could be £1800 - £2000.


Will I receive my deposit back?

Yes, your deposit refundable after the final month’s invoice is paid in full, provided TWO CALENDAR months’ written notice is given. If notice hasn’t been given it will be used to reduce the debt with the remainder due upon demand. This also applies to parents who decide not to take up their place. Deposit returns are by bank transfer after your child has left the nursery.


What Notice Periods do you require?

In order that we can recruit and retain the best staff we have to ask parents to give us reasonable notice to cover leaving and changes in sessions and indeed for people who decide the no longer want their place. We require TWO CALENDAR months’ written notice is given for all changes.


What happens if I want to increase my number of sessions?

As covered in notice periods we require TWO CALENDAR months’ written notice is given for all changes. However if we can accommodate increased session within our staffing number we will try to bring the change of pattern date forward. This cannot be guaranteed and we can only offer increased session if numbers allow – we are not contractually obliged to increase sessions upon request.


What happens if I want to decrease my number of sessions?

As covered in notice periods we require TWO CALENDAR months’ written notice is given for all changes. If you significantly alter your number of sessions we reserve the right to put you on a waiting list for your new sessions and cannot therefore guarantee a continuing place if you wanted to drop from say fulltime to 2 days a week. This is to ensure that the waiting list is operated fairly and loop holes are not used to change position in a queue.


What happens if I don’t start having reserved a place?

As covered in notice periods we require TWO CALENDAR months’ written notice is given for all changes and this includes not taking up your place. If you decide not to start you must give us two months full notice to ensure no further charges are applicable – this includes fees that would be due in the notice period. If the appropriate notice is given you only lose your registration fee.


Can I reduce my hours in the holidays?

We do not allow a reduction of hours in a holiday. We have very limited Term Time only contracts for a handful of customers.


Can my child attend extras sessions and how do I book them?

Yes it is possible to book one off extra sessions. However a nursery running at capacity will have few spare sessions, please book your full requirements at registration to avoid disappointment. Please contact the management to confirm availability.


How do I pay for extra sessions?

Extra sessions will be invoiced at the time of booking and fees taken at that time as well.


Can I cancel an extra session once booked?

No extras are not refundable.


Can I swap sessions?

All Sessions are booked on registration any alteration to this pattern will require TWO CALENDAR months’ written. Unfortunately you cannot ‘swap sessions’. Extra Sessions booking forms can be found in reception and handed to a member of the Senior Management Team.


Will I be charged if I collect my child late for any session?

Yes there is a late collection fee. Please refer to our price lists for details.


Can my child stay for an extra hour if I am unable to collect him at 1pm?

We will always endeavour to be flexible and accommodate such a request but if we are full for the next session this will mean it is not possible. Please contact the management to confirm availability - additional charges will apply.


Can I drop my child off before 8.00am?

Yes Toybox offers an ‘Early Start’ option to parents needing childcare from 7am, you will need to book in, and can do so by contacting a member of the Management Team (additional charges will apply).


What do we do if we are on holiday and do we still need to pay?

Please let the nursery know if your child will be absent for holidays, your child's key person will be planning activities for your child and it helps them to be aware so they plan effectively for your child's next learning steps. Please see terms and conditions relating to holiday payments. Full fees will still be required if your child does not attend due to holiday as our costs do not stop.


When will my child be eligible for the nursery education funding?

All children are eligible the first full term after they turn three. (In some circumstances funding could also be available from two years old, please contact the nursery manager for more information.)


Can I have 15 hours of funded only sessions?

As already said we have a minimum of 20 hours of care (4 sessions per week). The 15 hours of free government funding may be used to reduce the costs but we do not as a rule offer funded only places as this inhibits the chance for parents requiring fulltime care from using us.  From September 2017, we will also be offering the 30 hours funding scheme. 


How is the nursery education funding calculated?

The entitlement is 15 hours a week (term time only) for all 3 and 4 year olds. The funding will be deducted from your monthly childcare bill.