Caring & Dedicated Staff

All full-time staff work a four and a half day rota, and as such will not always be present at both ends of the day.

Our staff are selected not only based on their qualifications, professionalism and experience, but also for their enthusiasm, dedication and genuine love of children. We adopt strict standards when taking on new members of staff. All applicants undergo a rigorous interview process that includes a scenario questionnaire, full interview and a day working with the children to demonstrate practical skills. Successful applicants are then required to provide a minimum of two references which are always taken up and must undergo a DBS / CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) check.

Our nursery has an experienced management team, supported by qualified childcare practitioners. Each age group has an Early Years Teacher (EYTS) responsible for the day-to-day running of the room and planning the activities. Each EYTS acts as a mentor to the staff in the age ensuring that every child has the opportunity to achieve outstanding outcomes.

We maintain a consistently high ratio of staff to children, with numbers in excess of the minimum standards. This ensures that every child receives individual care and attention. At full we ensure each of our EYTS are additional, supernumery, to the ratio requirements in an age group.

We recognise that the staff are a nursery's most valuable resource in the provision of high-quality childcare. All of our staff receive a comprehensive induction to the company - its philosophy, practices and procedures. All our staff attend regular meetings. Reviewing their personal and room performance on a regular basis, ensures the nursery maintains high standards of childcare. In addition, these sessions serve as an information forum, providing the opportunity for staff to share experiences and discuss childcare sector developments.

Full Staff appraisals and career plan reviews are held once a year, with interim performance reviews every four months. These reviews form the basis of our performance based pay ensuring that quality childcare is rewarded for each practitioner. By paying staff based on outcomes we ensure that an individual remains committed to outstanding childcare. It also allows staff to remain doing the jobs they are good at and not seek “higher” position for money – the best staff in the appropriate place.

Setting the Standard through excellent Staff Training

Ofsted require that at least 50% of our staff are qualified , however we strongly believe that to maintain outstanding childcare and education we must commit to training all  our exceptionally talented staff team. Therefore ALL OUR STAFF are either QUALIFIED or working towards a child care qualification; of these 95% are qualified to Level 3 – the minimum requirement level for nursery managers.

We are committed to our future success as well with a policy of on-going training; our staff are kept up to date with best practice and are able to develop their career at the nursery.

We are passionate about providing quality care and education for young children. The care and support your child receives in the early years, shapes the rest of their life!