Key Worker System

In the section covering the special relationships with parents we emphasised the need and indeed the resolve of government for working with parents (enabling environments) in nursery life. It is clear that staff and parents must work in partnership to foster the development of children in care both at nursery and at home. For a child to gain most for their surroundings both at home and in nursery we as adults must try to deliver seamless care working together in the best interest of the child.

The role of the keyworker is to act as a focal point for each child and their wider family to foster continuity. As a parent/carer this reassures you that your key person knows your child is unique and every day is different as feelings and daily life change so awareness is vital to ensure stability, security and the enjoyment of learning. Linking home to nursery learning broadens children's own interests and builds on their existing knowledge which fosters their self- esteem and self- worth

Within each room, you will be introduced to the Graduate and / or Team Leader and the team who will all get to know you and your child. They will have the overall responsibility for all the children in the age group but your key-worker will enable both you and your child to have a regular person as an immediate contact.

As part of the key worker system we want to set dates to regularly meet you has parents/carers to discuss your child’s progress. Please don’t be surprised that we will ask you to set aside an hour or so every six months were we can meet over a coffee and reflect on your child’s life in nursery. At these meeting we welcome direct input from you and would be pleased to receive photos, listen to stories about life outside of Toybox and generally take time to record your child’s development. We aim, like Dentists, to set the date of the next appointment with you at the time of the first meeting – please bring a diary!