Parents rightly want to know how in depth our Ofsted Inspection is and how much they can rely upon the judgment to help them form an opinion of a nursery. We have taken Ofsted’s own documents, below, to show what happens both on the day and after the inspection but still recommend that parent use the report as one of many factors when deciding where is best to look after your child.

We believe that an inspection provides a good, every day, view of how a nursery is operating on any one day but it is far more important that the nursery functions outstandingly all year round than passing a test on a particular day.

Toybox Great Denham is proud of its Ofsted Inspections over the past five years and we are proud to have gained the grade Outstanding on both occasions. We believe it to be a fair assessment of the quality of Education and Care we deliver every day, but we want our parents to also be the deciding factor of if we live up to the grade. Please feel free to ask any parent if they feel we are a truly outstanding nursery. This is what Ofsted will do on the day!

What happens during an Early Years Register Inspection?

The inspector will:

  • ask you to display a notice so parents know there is an inspection
  • ask for details of your self-evaluation if you have not submitted an Ofsted self-evaluation form
  • arrange a time to talk to you and, if possible, to parents.
  • The inspector gathers evidence about the quality and standards by:
  • checking the premises and equipment
  • checking a sample of relevant documents
  • talking to children and parents (if possible)
  • observing children and staff
  • observing the way, you and/or your staff relate to children
  • observing how well you care for children and help them to make progress in their learning.


The inspector will talk to you about what they are finding, and ask you if there is anything further you think they should see or know.

Afterwards, the inspector will give you feedback on their findings and judgments. Where necessary they will also explain what needs to be done to improve your work and, if required, to ensure any conditions of registration and the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage are met.

What happens after an Early Years Register Inspection?

Immediately after the inspection the inspector writes a report that includes:

  • a description of the provider
  • a summary with the judgments and the overall quality and standards of the provision, including any areas for development
  • any actions or recommendations made to help improve the quality of provision
  • how well the provision meets the needs of the children
  • the contribution to children’s well-being
  • the effectiveness of leadership and management (this does not apply to child-minders).


If you are also on the Childcare Register, the report will also confirm if you meet the requirements of that register, and any actions needed to make sure that you do meet them.

The inspection report

Soon after the inspection the report will be sent out to the setting to make sure it is factually correct.

We publish all inspection reports on our website within 10 working days of us sending the report to you.

You must give a copy of the report to each parent of the children you look after, and to anyone else who asks for a copy.

Inspectors use a four-point grading scale to make all their judgments.

  • Grade 1 – Outstanding
  • Grade 2 – Good
  • Grade 3 – Requires improvement
  • Grade 4 – Inadequate


You can find what each of these judgments mean by reading the early years evaluation schedule.

If there are no children present at the time of the inspection, the judgments are:

To see our latest Ofsted inspection please click below: