Our Guiding Principles

About Us

Toybox is a high quality Nursery Daycare Provision based on Saxon Way, Great Denham just five minutes from Kempston, Wotton, Bromham and Biddenham. We serve the West of Bedford community providing them a nursery with easy access to the major road links.

By focusing on the need of the child, offering a true Education through play we have been recognized over the years for our success. The Nursery (October 2013) received an Outstanding grading from Ofsted a Children’s Food Trust accreditation and a five star food hygiene award in the space of two weeks, amazing!

We deliberately choose not to offer a crèche style facility and ask all children attend a minimum of 4 sessions (20 hours per week) as we believe any less time would invalid our core values. By taking the time to get to know each child and their families we can truly make a difference in a child’s early years education.

We passionately believe that in less than 20 hours per week we cannot support parents as their children’s first and most important educators, fully involve parents in nursery life and their children’s education or inspire parents in their own continuing education and personal development with regard to striving for the best possible outcomes for their children.

At Toybox we firmly believe that children benefit most from Early Years Education and care when parents/carers and daycare settings work together as a cooperative partnership.

Perhaps the highlights from our Ofsted inspection reflect best our ethos and values:

  • Children thrive and they make excellent progress because they are supported by members of the team, who are highly skilled and experienced in promoting children's learning and development.
  • The quality and consistency of teaching is exceptional as staff have an excellent knowledge of how children learn. This is supported through precise and thorough assessment. This is purposefully used to ensure that planning is precisely tailored to individual children's learning needs
  • Children's well-being is supported extremely effectively through the key person approach. Babies form strong attachments and bonds as staff acknowledge that emotional security is vital for children to flourish
  • Partnerships with parents are extremely well developed, ensuring that children requiring additional support or challenge receive focused input, in order to make significant strides in all areas of their learning and development
  • There is an excellent hard working senior management team in place. Evaluation involves all those involved in children's care. It is rigorous and is purposefully used to set clear and achievable action plans

Our Mission Statement

Toybox Great Denham serves to provide excellent quality care for all its children. We understand that the learning environment plays a key role in extending children’s knowledge and development. We take into consideration that all children develop and learn in different ways.

We understand the importance of treating children as individuals and pride ourselves on listening to them.

We promise, when caring for your children, to provide a safe, loving, stimulating and homely environment and be sensitive to their needs. Children begin to learn about the world around them from the moment they are born. At Toybox we recognise this and value and treat each child has unique and listen to their individual thoughts and feelings.

We support all of our children through the Early Years Foundation Stage which helps us to realise each child’s capacity for being a competent learner from birth. We recognise that each child can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.

We will work with parents to provide each and every child a learning environment that will give them the best possible start and encourage children to build positive relationships with others.


We will provide a safe, caring environment, offering variety and stimulation to each individual child in a family atmosphere. We will work in partnership with the parents to encourage the children to grow and learn at their own pace. We are a family-run business delivering aspirational childcare through inspirational qualified nursery staff.

We will:

  • Strive to uphold our reputation for quality care in a family atmosphere
  • Continue to assess and respond to our client's needs
  • Make sure each child is recognized and treated as an individual, with a frame work of the highest ethical standards and equal opportunities
  • Recruit the best possible staff, being very demanding of the standards we work to
  • Restrict sessions and not take on new children unless we have sufficient quality staff
  • Encourage continuous staff development
  • Keep abreast of professional developments
  • Ensure continuous upgrading of our resources

We believe that all staff and children should have the opportunity to play, learn and work in an enjoyable and stimulating environment.