Parents & Children

Each of us wants and strives for the very best for our child. Finding first class nursery care has always been a challenge for busy working parents. Where on earth do you find somewhere and someone you can trust to care for your child as lovingly as you do yourself? How can you tell a brilliant nursery from an average one? How can you be sure that your child will be really happy and well cared for?

As parents ourselves, we know how hard it can be to find good quality care, which is why Toybox was founded. We are dedicated to providing first class quality childcare and education for children from Birth to five years old. We hope that as you browse this website you get a flavour of what Toybox Great Denham has to offer, and be encouraged to come and see for yourselves.

We encourage enthusiasm, good manners, independence and consideration for others from the children in our care. Each child receives the individual attention he or she needs to develop new skills and interests, and to discover that learning is an exciting and fun experience; we are committed to the ethos of the unique child.

Toybox is a caring and secure environment where children enjoy the friendship of others, have a happy and rewarding time and reach their full potential through praise and encouragement.

Our nursery is registered with OFSTED and is regularly inspected. In addition we are annually inspected by the Environmental Health Department for our hygiene and safety standards. We also are regularly reviewed by the fire officer to ensure our buildings comply with fire and evacuation regulations and we undergo accreditation for the Children’s Food Trust.

We understand your needs as parents and consistently work towards tailoring our services to meet your requirements. Toybox provides parents with peace of mind through its commitment to providing high quality, safe and flexible childcare.

Please take time to click through each of sections and see what our nursery, across all its age groups, has to offer.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

As a nursery caring and educating children from Birth to five we focus across the entire age spectrum - remember you do have a choice of Pre-School and Reception Class (we receive Early Years Funding too!)                                                                                                                                                

We hope that as you read through the pages of this website you get a flavour of our commitment to outstanding childcare and be encouraged to come and see for yourselves.

But don’t forget the best way to decide which nursery to choose is by visiting us. We look forward to showing you around.