Policies & Procedures

We have a huge number of written policies and procedures to ensure our high standards are always met consistently and that allows us to excel in every area of an Ofsted Inspection specifically embracing the two main areas of Safe Guarding and Learning & Development.

By having such detailed policies and procedures our staff are very clear of what is expected of them and how they are to manage most day to day situations. In addition, they are there for parents to fully understand too the way we operate and some of the details of how we provide outstanding childcare and education, by following these procedures.

It is important that all new parents take time to look through our polies and existing parents update themselves regularly. All our detailed Policies, Procedures and Risk Assessments are available to view at our nursery, along with a comprehensive Self Evaluation Form (SEF) a working document that ensures we reflect on our care on a regular basis.

Our Child Application Form, Terms and Conditions and Starting Points document (about your child) sets out the expectations and contracts we make with all our parents.

It is vital, to each child in our care, that we have very clear strategies with regard to Safe Guarding, Learning and Development, Business, Staff recruitment etc.

Please take time to fully understand and embrace our desire to put children first by ensuring we deliver outstanding care underpinned by clear Terms & Conditions, Policies, Procedures, Strategies and Contracts.