Pre-School Overview

The ratio is one member of staff to eight (over three years of age).

In this area of the nursery our aim is to continue to provide a very warm, caring and secure environment. Many of the foundation activities that have begun in Toddler Room will be continued in the Pre-School Room.

The Pre-School timetable provides a full and varied programme, which is planned daily by qualified and experienced Early Years Educators; and overseen by our qualified teacher. The high staff ratio ensures the children are educated and cared for in accordance with the 'Early Years Foundation Stage' framework. Working with this framework in place allows staff to plan, monitor and assess the needs of all children individually.

The activities and learning experiences offered to the children help to promote an important link with any follow on school (planning is available for you to view at any time). Throughout the course of the day we are constantly preparing the children socially for school. By this we mean that children will learn that there are times in the day when they will be expected to tidy up, be quiet, sit still, concentrate and listen.

They will also learn that they will need to be able to go to the toilet by themselves, and to dress and undress themselves, and to be responsible for their own belongings. All of this will help the children to adjust more easily to school and feel confident in the school environment.

We offer a fun-filled and exiting day with variety and challenge. Speaking and listening to each other as well as to staff promotes self-esteem and respect for others.

Enjoyment of books is encouraged and the children have the independence to choose a book to take home, which can then be shared with the family.

Number work is developed through group activities involving problem solving, quantity and conservation through sand and water, weighing and table games.

Time is given to art and craft, working with dough, clay, cookery and developing computer skills.

The enjoyment of music is encouraged through singing, movement, percussion and listening.

Our themed topics provide an opportunity to investigate many different subjects and encourage the acquisition of a vast range of general knowledge thus fulfilling many of the skills outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.

You will receive daily updates of your child's day via email as well as photos and videos celebrating your child's achievements and helping you understand their next developmental steps.





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