Quality Building


Our beautiful purpose-built nursery was completed and opened its doors in April 2013. We were lucky enough to be able to tweak our nursery to our own specifications, including the layout of rooms, furniture we wanted and even our heating and appliance preferences.

So, what makes Toybox Great Denham an outstanding nursery building?

Our purpose-built nursery will ensure a design tailored for children and most importantly safety. Please read below for some of the highlights we have in our Outstanding nursery:

  • Fire Exits from each room
  • Electric sockets at the safest height
  • The very latest Finger Guards on every door necessary to protect child
  • Sinks placed at child height to enable them to join in easily and develop their independence
  • Adult sinks carefully positioned to ensure staff have full view of room not a wall
  • Under floor heating to ensure correct temperatures in each area of the room and no radiators to worry about
  • A 32 camera CCTV system for security
  • Safety surfaces in the baby gardens
  • The latest “Astroturf” for all weather grass play in our large garden
  • Special growing area in the garden for children to explore and enjoy
  • Fingerprint recognition door entry system
  • Half doors in certain areas to allow easy communication for staff as well as visibility
  • Baby milk kitchen at counter height for milk and food preparations
  • Specially designed large patio doors to support free flow to covered areas
  • Sound system across the nursery to support children’s learning.
  • Large windows at children’s height provide bright and welcoming rooms
  • Large meeting room for training of staff and parent meetings
  • Specific private meeting room for parent consultations and our integrated two year checks with the health visitor
  • Staff room to ensure staff get a place to relax in their breaks.
  • Large covered entrance hall with security access for parents or current staff only
  • Temperature controlled hot taps to ensure safety for children’s sinks
  • Ceiling fans for additional comfort