Quality Equipment

Equipment for a nursery is a huge investment in time and money to ensure we have the correct items to both provide the background safety for each child and member of staff but also to stimulate and invigorate children’s learning.

To demonstrate how carefully we have planned this nursery we have split equipment into two areas – children and others.

Children’s Equipment

We have been fortunate to be able to look across the entire spectrum of what is available to ensure the children have the very best toys and resources to express themselves through.

Community Playthings is to childcare as Rolls-Royce is to cars, something we have always aspired to but never been able to afford, until now. The nursery equipment designed by Community Playthings is truly stunning to look at and unrivalled in its practical use for children and staff alike.

Toybox Great Denham is proud that it has been able to work with Community Playthings to develop rooms specifically thought out for each child. We have spent many hours working through CAD drawings and designs to ensure what we want for our children is covered across the entire nursery. You will see on each age related tab a drawing of the room and a computer generated image of what they will look like the picture below gives an idea of what awaits your child.


Staff Equipment

In every room we have carefully ensured that support equipment is available to the staff to provide safety for the nursery. The kitchen, for example, is carefully designed to provide a first class working environment for the chef to ensure work satisfaction and therefore excellent food. We have first aid equipment in each age group as well as the kitchen, we have fans in each room to help temperature control – air conditioning we viewed as too high a risk. We will have hand held tablets PC’s to record data and phones to provide contact if required.