Quality Food


Toybox remains at the forefront of thinking in regard to food. We have been heavily involved in the new national food accreditation that hopefully every early years setting will aspire to achieve. We are proud to have worked with The Children’ Food Trust to help them shape the Children’s Food Trust Award – an accreditation that has real significance in early years.

As the Children’s Food Trust quote:

Our children must eat healthily in order to reach their full potential in life.

 Through ensuring a balanced diet in their early years and at school, together with better family cooking skills, lifestyle and food education, the Children’s Food Trust exists to help protect every child’s right to eat better – and so, to do better”

The Children’s Food Trust is the new name for the School Food Trust, an independent registered charity number 1118995  

We strongly believe in the importance of a well-balanced and nutritional diet and are proud that our nursery is taking part in the accreditation process and hopefully will get its award in early June.

In the past we have achieved the Healthy Under 5’s Award. As you can see via the link below, both the new award and the healthy under 5’s local award really challenges our cooks to produce an outstanding balanced diet and our staff to embrace the ethos of keeping children healthy.

Our full-time cook prepares healthy food on a daily basis using quality ingredients. Lunch and tea are provided along with breakfast for the early starters. Snacks, milk and water are provided in addition throughout the day. The lunch includes a hot main course and a dessert. Fresh fruit and vegetables are used throughout the menus ensuring adequate provision of vitamins and minerals. All baby food is also freshly prepared each day according to their stage of weaning.

Each of our kitchens also undergoes a yearly environmental health visit to ensure our food hygiene standards are always of a very high. For the latest scores please follow the link: www.food.gov.uk/ratings

Menus are displayed in the nursery each week and for children who have a certified special dietary need, our cook will be advised of your child's requirements and appropriate meals will be provided accordingly. Please inform us on the registration form of any food allergies or special dietary needs your child has. We will then complete a comprehensive Risk Assessment relating to your child's requirements.

All baby foods and formula milks are also provided, up to the age of 1. (But only the main brand varieties)

Meal Times

Breakfast: (8:00 am - 8:30 am) - Choice of cereals or toast with some fresh fruit

Mid-morning Snack: (from 10:00 am) – Milk or Water with a snack – see menu’s.

Lunch: (12.00 noon- 12:45 pm) - Freshly prepared home cooked 2 course meal – see menu’s.

Tea: (4:15 pm – 5.00pm) – Freshly prepared light bite including a main and dessert – see menu’s.

Water is offered and available at all times throughout the day to ensure all children are hydrated.

Mealtimes are a very important social event. We promote the awareness of sharing and social conduct. Staff sit with the children to eat and through positive role models the children are encouraged to eat a wide variety of foods, not forgetting to say please and thank you to each other as well. We encourage personal hygiene by hand washing before and after meals.