Quality Safety

Safeguarding Children

Our prime responsibility is the well-being of all children in our care. Unfortunately, we have to be aware that child abuse exists in our society and as such we have a duty to children/parents/carers and staff to act quickly and responsibly in any instance that may come to our attention. To ensure the safety of the children in our care;

  • Our Staff attend safeguarding children courses.
  • Our staff attend an annual safeguarding update meeting.
  • At least 2 staff members hold Designated Safeguarding Lead training.
  • Our Staff are made aware of revised safeguarding issues.
  • Toybox Denham ensures that confidentiality is maintained at all times.
  • All staff working within the provision have a full DBS check
  • Adults are not left alone with individual children or small groups for long periods of time.
  • Adults who have not been fully checked will not be able to change nappies or help with toileting without direct supervision.
  • Where abuse at home is suspected, Toybox will continue to welcome the child and family while investigations continue.

Safe Environment

Our nursery has been specifically designed with children in mind. It combines the friendly atmosphere of home with an educational environment. Being purpose built gives a safer, secure, child friendly building, some of the many features are listed here:

  • Safe sockets and switches above the reach of children: and no sharp corners
  • Room temperatures maintained at a comfortable level
  • Under floor heating – no radiators to worry about
  • Thermostatically controlled hot water to all sinks used by the children so there is no risk of burning from the hot tap
  • Full smoke and fire alarm detector systems
  • Completely fenced and secure large gardens
  • A secure entrance finger print system or password operation
  • Full 32 Camera CCTV throughout the building for the benefit of the staff and the children
  • Regular checks are carried out on the play equipment for quality and safety
  • All equipment is Kite Marked
  • A laundry facility and semi-commercial standard kitchen.

No-one is allowed on the premises that are not known to the members of staff. We operate an effective door entry system and all unrecognised visitors are always challenged.

All our staff are trained to offer first aid and food hygiene and will deal with allergies and medical emergency procedures.