Quality Staff

At Toybox it is important to us to be able to have the best of the best. We have opened from scratch and have a wealth of experience in getting the best blend of individuals into a team.

We recognise that, like the children they are here to look after, each member of staff is very different. Each has different ambitions that need to be fulfilled, each their own learning style and above all each their unique personality or character.

When developing our team, we were able to bring a wealth of management experience to Great Denham from the very start of the new nursery. This ensured that we had the abilities to deliver outstanding care from the first day of opening.

No doubt you will have read our Ofsted report and it is a testimony to the team that launched Great Denham in April 2012. We continue to have a fantastic team of staff which is highlighted again in our Outstanding Ofsted report in February 2018.

Our aim is to have all staff at least qualified to Level 3 – a level that would allow them to run any other nursery or Pre-School. This doesn’t mean we don’t want to employ unqualified staff, this just highlights our passion for training and developing our already fantastic team.

Throughout the nursery we have a wide breadth of experienced and qualified staff including 6 Early Years Teachers (EYTS), 2 of whom have QTS. Twenty of our staff also have a Level 3 or Level 2 qualification in Childcare. We have also worked closely training our very own apprentices, teaching them the Toybox way.

At Toybox we pride ourselves in our high standards and this doesn’t stop when it comes to employing staff. We are proud to employ the best staff who are fully committed to their role in raising Bedfordshire’s future adults. Without the fantastic support staff including our own Nursery Chef, Housekeeper, Lunch Covers and Cleaners we would be unable to provide the service we do each day.

If you are interested in a career at Toybox then please contact info@toyboxdenham.co.uk