Reception Policies

We operate using a comprehensive collection of policies and procedures, some of which are outlined below. Full copies of all policies are available from the Nursery.

Special Needs

We are committed to support children with special needs assisting them to follow an individual educational programme to cater for their needs.

Occasionally we find there are children with particular needs which cannot be fully met by the classroom teacher / assistant. In this case we seek advice and help from professionals to support us in providing the best possible equal opportunities for the child. You will be consulted at every stage and together we will work out the most effective strategies to support the child.

The teacher is trained to recognise and address the needs of the more able child too.

If you consider your child has any special needs please do tell us as early as possible to enable us to identify the ways they can best be supported.

We offer an education based on the needs of each child


Good behaviour is essential for effective teaching and learning. The School strives to achieve sound discipline linked to a praise/behaviour policy. Unacceptable behaviours are discouraged through sanctions, again these can be found within the policy. We as staff aim to teach children how:

  • To accept and respect authority

  • To develop the beginnings of self -discipline

  • To understand the reasons for rules of behaviour

The Nursery will set high standards for work and behaviour.

Child Protection

The Nursery aims to work in partnership with parents to support the children in all possible ways. The Children Act 1989 however places a clear responsibility on schools to ensure that they work together with other agencies to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Due to this responsibility, if concerns are raised within the Nursery School, or if a child or parent reports a situation involving possible abuse, we would not be able to guarantee confidentiality. The matter would be referred to Social Services.
This is in accordance with Government and Beds County Council Policy.

Every child is valued as a unique individual

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