Registering a Child

Once you have decided that Toybox Great Denham is right for you and your child, the next stage is to register your child and arrange some sessions to familiarise your child with the new surroundings.

Registering a Child

Our history of 15 years has taught us that this is really an important process. We have found in the past that rushing the registration process leads to misunderstanding and we have worked hard with parents to refine a comprehensive process that gives clarity for the first weeks of nursery.

We ask that you contact the manager and book a time convenient to yourselves when we can properly review a registration form that will be given to you on your visit if you have asked for one or emailed out before you come in. This form contains vital information for us in regard to contact numbers, allergies, special needs etc. we need the time to ensure the details are clear and we will then input them on to our nursery software.

As part of your registration fee we allocate 30 to 40 minutes with a member of the management to review the following areas:

  • Registration form

  • Direct Debit Form

  • Childcare Vouchers

  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate

  • Our terms and conditions

  • Booking the settling in sessions

  • Reviewing the first day at nursery and what to expect.

  • Collection of Registration fee and nursery deposit.

As a thank you for your time we will also arrange a free photo voucher for you to use at our nursery’s photographer.

Settling in

Once we are registered with a start date us we suggest that about two weeks before that date we also book in a couple of familiarisation sessions where you can stay at the nursery and help the staff assess individual starting points for your child and work alongside staff to help settle your son or daughter into their new environment.

We ask initially that you and your child visit the nursery together for an hour or two. Once your child’s starting points have been assessed we would encourage you to leave your child for a short period of time.

The next stage is for you to leave your child for about an hour. This reassures the child that he or she has not been abandoned and will return home. We do not charge for these sessions.

Starting Nursery

We totally understand that the first day at nursery is very emotional for you. It might seem strange but our experience shows us that it is the adults who are the most nervous and the children adapt quickly to new things. Please don’t been afraid to express your feelings and to ring us during the first days as often as you feel necessary.

Each child is different; some will require a longer period of time to settle than others. The frequency in which your child attends may affect how quickly they settle into nursery life.

In cases where your child becomes upset about being left, the best advice in our experience, is to hand your child over to your child's Key Worker, leave and then telephone after about half an hour.

Usually by the time you have driven away from the nursery, your child will probably have settled in. Although it is hard for you as their parent to hand over and leave promptly, all of the nursery staff are highly trained and understand your feelings as well as the child's.

We will of course also give advice about the first day in general to ensure you are as comfortable as possible about how the drop off and collection of your child will be handled.