Special Relationship with Parents

We encourage participation by parents in nursery life. We believe it is important that staff and parents work in partnership to foster the development of children in our care, by achieving this we can ensure that each child’s needs can be met, promoting an extension of knowledge and understanding on an individual level.

Once your child starts attending any of our settings, you are welcome to visit the nursery at anytime. In addition, we would strongly recommend that you join us for parent evenings, Christmas concerts etc, which are arranged throughout the year. These form a critical part of your child early years development and give you a formal setting to celebrate your child’s achievements. You may also like to join us for Open Days, special events and social events

At Toybox we understand that parents play a crucial role in shaping their children's personalities and development. Therefore, if we were to encounter any difficulties with your child, we will draw these to your attention, working with you to find a suitable solution

We have invested in a unique “on-line daily diary” system. This will be rolled out in 2013 and will provide parents with a secure portal to review their children’s day at nursery. There is no substitute for face to face discussion and we hope by allowing you to access to the “facts and figures” we can spend time with you discussing more about your child’s learning, development and enjoyment, at the end of each day when you collect your child.

We will also:

  • Publish regular newsletters- emailed to parents

  • Write to you about special outings or visits we are planning.

  • Hold parents consultations on a rolling 6 month basis, enabling you to have a longer discussion with the staff about your child’s development.

  • Prepare regular written progress reports on your child, which are shared with you.

  • Emails are sent daily with information about your child's day.

  • Regular observations including pictures and videos are sent to you which also link to the EYFS to update you on your child's developmental progress.

We know your child is unique, that every day is different and that feelings and daily life change. Our awareness of this is vital to ensure stability, security and the enjoyment of learning. By linking home to nursery learning we broaden children’s own interests and build on their existing knowledge which fosters their self- esteem and self- worth.

A parent/carers information board is situated in the entrance hall and this along with regular newsletters and e-mails will help you keep up to date with nursery activities.

Through daily contact we hope to promote a sense of belonging to you as a family.

Remember the welfare of your child is paramount.