As a long standing business we have been able to fine tune our staff selection. We have opened from scratch three nurseries and two after school clubs and have learned how to get the best blend of individuals into a team.

We recognise that, like the children they are to look after, each member of staff is very different. Each has different ambitions that need to be fulfilled, each their own learning style and above all each they unique personality or character.

When assembling the very best staff team for Toybox Great Denham we have been uniquely fortunate. As part of the sale of our three nurseries in Central Bedfordshire we agreed to take staff with us to open our latest and now, only, nursery. We were able therefore to look across all of 50 plus childcare professionals and pick the ones in our view would be best able to deliver the vision we have for Great Denham. The choice was very difficult as we had a wealth of qualified and experienced staff to draw from; the overriding factor in our final decisions was how the team would work together. The initial team of people was, unusually for a new start business, developed from the top down. We were able to bring a wealth of management experience to Great Denham from the very start of the new nursery. This ensured that we had the abilities to deliver outstanding care from the first day of opening.

No doubt you will have read our Ofsted report and it is a testimony to the team that launched Great Denham.

Since our opening in April 2013 we have added a number of quality new staff. Our aim is to have all staff at least qualified to Level 3 – a level that, with experience, would allow them to run any other nursery or Pre-School.

We remain committed to our graduate programme. We already have one entrant current studying for their EYT.