Structure & Important Information

Our nursery is centred on the child and as such our structure flows from this ethos, from the management team to the hours of opening; from our sickness policy to Terms and Conditions everything is about ensuring we can remained focused on delivering outstanding childcare.

Rooms / Age Groups

Our room / age group structure can be found by exploring this website but broadly children will fall into three age related but ability based groups. It is important that each child is valued as a unique individual and we will not compromise their development by moving them up an age range when they are not ready, or indeed holding them back if they are more able than their peers.

Management Team

By having an Early Years Teacher (EYTS) in each age group we can ensure continuity of care and educational standards across the nursery. Our Early Years Director, an EYTS herself then oversees the outcomes for all children.

We also have an EYT as our dedicated nursery manager for the business to ensure the smooth running of the nursery. You can see from her pen portraits on the home page how she delivers outstanding childcare.

Hours of Opening – a 7am to 7pm Nursery

The Nursery is open Monday to Friday all year, excluding bank holidays.

The nursery opens at 7:00 am for the early morning extra session. Please note the place for this facility can be limited please ask our nursery manager's for confirmation of a place.

The nursery is fully open from 8.00 am and closes at 6.00 pm.

The nursery closes it late extra session at 7:00 pm. Please note the place for this facility can be limited please ask our nursery manager's for confirmation of a place.

You are kindly requested to collect your children on time, late fees apply.

Our session times are as follows:

Full Day

8:00 am - 6:00 pm


8:00 am - 1:00 pm


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Notification of sickness or absence is requested if your child is unwell i.e. has flu, diarrhoea etc. Your child should be kept at home and not brought into the nursery. For further information please ask to see a copy of our Health Policy.

Clothing and other items

Please supply your child with a shoe bag containing slippers or in-door shoes, one complete change of clothing, sun hat and hair and tooth brush. Children may also bring comforters to the nursery, if required.

Please ensure that any item brought into the nursery is clearly marked with your child's name. Toybox Great Denham cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to any item your child brings into the nursery.

Please do not bring in sweets etc for your child, without prior consent as this may have a detrimental effect on other children and their behaviour.

Other relevant points

To comply with fire regulations and to ensure smooth running of the rooms, if you anticipate that your child will not arrive until after the morning or afternoon register i.e. 9:15 am or 1:15 pm, please call us to ensure that your child is not marked as absent.

Children will not be released from the nursery with anyone other than their parent/carer or guardian, unless the person concerned has the specially selected password. Alternatively prior written notification is acceptable.