Toybox Graduate Programme

History of Government Early Years Programmes

In 2010 the government had an objective to have a graduate level employee in each nursery in the country by 2015, in reality today only about 25% of nurseries employee such a person, the Early Years Professional Status was founded.

In 2012 in the midst of the economic struggle government decides to cancel the Early Years Professional investment and funds are withdrawn from the sector.

In 2013 the Government commission a report into Early Years Sector to see how it could be developed, the report acknowledges the Early Years Professionals helped improve the quality of education, but public recognition of their status is low. The Government now wants a re-launch of the graduate in Early Years.

  • Early Years Teachers were introduced to build on the EYPS programme.
  • Early Years Teachers are specialists in early childhood development
  • Existing EYPs will be recognised as the equivalent of Early Years Teachers
  • Early Years Teachers will be seen as equivalent to Qualified Teacher Status, but will not have QTS

History of Toybox Day Nurseries Graduate Programme

In 2010 Toybox had its first Early Years Professional (EYP) – Hannah Street gaining the title to go with her QTS status.

With the support of the local authority Toybox in 2011 recruited 3 more graduates to work with Hannah to support the nursery managers in their quest for outstanding settings.

In 2012 Toybox recruited 4 more people to join the programme alongside our 3 from September 2011. We also had 2 staff complete degrees in Early Years whilst working for Toybox.

In February 2013 with the sale of Toybox Day Nurseries Ltd the programme was passed over to Treetops. Unfortunately they decided to disband the programme.

How Great Denham’s Graduate leaders will make us unique

Toybox Great Denham was delighted that it was able to bring graduate leaders – Early Years Professionals (EYP) to work across the nursery to make a difference in every age group when it opened in April 2013.

Since our opening government has once again changed direction in support for the graduate leader role. Toybox Great Denham has been at the forefront of these new changes.

In 2013- 2014 we have supported 3 new Early Years Teachers (EYTS) by assisting them with placements, advice and experience.

For 2014-2015 we have formed a partnership with the University of Northampton to pilot a unique course for EYTS.

From September 2015 we will have:

  • Three very experienced Early Years Teachers running the Business side of the setting.
  • Three Early Years Teachers leading outstanding practice in the room.
  • One Early Years Teacher in training - will be finished as of July 2016.
  • One Early Years Graduates.
  • One Early Years Educator starting a Foundation Degree in Early Years Education.

To have six Early Years Teachers in one setting is ground breaking and we believe unsurpassed anywhere in the country. But then to have a quality partnership to deliver more in 2015 and beyond is truly unique. 

The role of the Early Years Teacher in Toybox is also unique. The fact that they have no responsibility for any administration function – leaving them able to focus on the children alone is key to the success of our training and development award winning programme. The EYT’S not only ensure the childcare is outstanding but provides a mentoring and training focus for the rooms they operate in.

The programme gives unsurpassed results for children, by allowing management level professionals to make a difference in the rooms.