An Outstanding Nursery

An Outstanding Nursery

Toybox Great Denham is rightly proud of it's awards -

Ofsted Outstanding , Food Hygiene Five Stars and The Children Food Trust Accreditation

However quality in an individual area doesn’t guarantee outstanding outcomes for children, it can definitely help but which area of quality really makes the most difference?

  • Staff
  • Building
  • Toys and Equipment
  • Food
  • Safety and Security
  • Policies and Procedures

In the tabs to the right we have written a small resume about quality for each section above. But we wanted in our introduction to outline why we believe it is quality in every area that brings outstanding results.

  • The Highest Quality Staff – With a management team of three all of whom are Early Year Professionals (one of these is a qualified Primary teacher too) and the very best qualified male and female staff. 2 of whom hold relevant degrees and four hold or are working towards Early Years Teacher Status. We can genuinely say we are very proud to have outstanding staff.
  • Quality Buildings – As our fourth self- build project we have designed all the best features into our outstanding building, a visit will show why we are so proud of our design.
  • Quality Toys and Equipment – We researched for the very best manufactures in the sector and equipped the nursery to the highest standard, with purpose built furniture for young children.
  • Quality Food – Nurseries aren’t restaurants but food is really important.  As a pilot for the Children’s Food Trust we are committed to provide balanced, healthy “home-cooked” meals.
  • Quality Safety and Security – We all want to know our children are safe. Our purpose built facility alongside dedicated staff deliver an outstanding safe environment.
  • Outstanding childcare is the delivery of the five areas of quality above, through robust policies and procedures (P&P’s). Our staff have been involved as a collective from the very beginning in writing coherent P&P’s to ensure they can individually explain why we do something rather than say that’s what I’m told to do. Quality P&P’s is the glue that cements the investment in all the other areas.

Toybox Great Denham is focused on delivering quality in every area. We have chosen a high investment strategy rather than run a restrictive budget, this may make us marginally more expensive than others but we are proud of our considered investment and believe childcare is not an area where scrimping and saving is the most important thing. Our history shows most parents will strive for the very best available for a child and want us to follow this ideal.

Toybox Great Denham is a quality nursery in every area – come and see what outstanding childcare delivered by inspirational staff looks like.


Toybox Great Denham

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